Monday, 18 January 2016

Aeonian and a great quote

I get's Word of the Day email. I often don't read it, particularly when I'm busy, but today's word was 'aeonian'. It means 'eternal, everlasting'. Which makes sense because 'aeon' (also eon) is the word for a really long period of time.

Each day there's an example of the word in use, often from a quote or extract. Today I wanted to share that quote, because it was quite lyrical and wordy.

"It was the caverns drinking from the tempest overhead, the grasses growing under the snow, the stars making music with the dark, the streams filling the night with the sounds the day had quenched, the whispering call of the dreams left behind in 'the fields of sleep,'--in a word, the central life pulsing in aeonian peace through the outer ephemeral storms."

-- George MacDonald, Robert Falconer, 1868

Some lovely imagery I just wanted to share.

Anyway, back to my re-watching of the X-Files. There's a Ghost in the Machine today (probably running on a Pentium 2 given the year it was filmed!)