Friday, 21 August 2015

Top 10 'Missed Out On' Games I Need to Play

I've played several games for the first time recently, only for a board gaming friend of mine to remark 'What, you haven't played that yet?' These are games that a lot of members of my game group have played multiple times but I've either not been there or playing a different game. I realise there's quite a lot of these, so here's my top 10 'Missed Out On' games I need to play. I'm deliberately not including really new games, just games that are at least a year old.

  1. Trajan - I'm quite a fan of Stefan Feld games and have now played a few, but of his major games Trajan, ranked 38 on Board Game Geek, is a notable omission. 
  2. El Grande - This is something of a grand-daddy of modern strategy board games, dating back to 1995 from one of Germany's first professional games designers, Wolfgang Kramer (he co-designed Colosseum which is a game I really enjoy). In the game you play a Spanish lord drafting in your knights (or Caballero's as they are known in Spain) to help you control areas of the board.
  3. Claustrophobia - A decent two player dungeon crawler. I really need to get this, especially as my wife really loves dungeon crawlers (thanks to the Diablo series of computer games).
  4. Railways of the World/Steam - I'm including these both together even though they are separate games but both train games. I always used to want to build model railways as a child, now I've moved on to wanting to build railroads in games. Both games by Martin Wallace, Railways of the World is the simpler game I think.
  5. Lancaster - Given I live in Lancaster, I really should have played this game, particular as it has been a popular one that has been brought to club nights many times. Set in 1413, it's Area Control/Worker Placement and players take the role of powerful noblemen, vying to be the King's right hand man. 
  6. Euphoria - Everyone seems to talk about how this is a fantastic game, but I've not played it. It's a worker placement game where your dice are workers, and it is set in a dystopian future, but I don't know much more than that about it.
  7. Twilight Struggle - It's the number one game on Board Game Geek and has been for a while. It's a strategic two player game about the Cold War. Why have I not played this yet?
  8. Firefly: The Game - We love Firefly, and this game seems quite true to the series - travel round the galaxy, hiring crew, picking up cargo etc. Must play.
  9. Terra Mystica - This is number two on Board Game Geek, and is an epic civilisation building game in a fantasy landscape, featuring 14 different races in seven landscapes. This seems exactly my sort of game.
  10. Bora Bora - Apologies for putting two Stefan Feld games on this list, but I really do like his games and this is supposed to be one of his best. It was had the chance to get it on sale for £20 a while back, I really should have picked it up then.
What games have you missed out on playing so far?