Monday, 19 January 2015

Britain's Next Bestseller?

This weekend I came across a great new (to me at least, think it's been around a few months) website, It's a sort of Kickstarter for books, authors submit their novel and it gets put on the site. People can then pre-order the book, and if the book meets the minimum number of pre-orders the author gets a deal and the book gets published.

I was immediately attracted to the editor's pick, '26 Miles to the Moon' by Andrew Males. It's got a bit of a bonkers theme, run a marathon and the winner gets to go to the moon but I kind of like that. This isn't a science fiction book at all, it is described as General Fiction/Humour, but I like the nod to space tourism. This could actually happen in the next decade, there's certainly enough space obsessed billionaires to make it happen (well I can think of at least one, which is surely enough...).

I liked the concept, but that on its own wasn't enough to make me part with £9.99. Fortunately there's a sizable initial sample, about three chapters you can download and read (the chapters are quite short). It's really quite a funny book and endearing too. I can honestly say that if I could have, I'd have kept reading the book. I'll have to wait for a bit for that though...

For more information about this book click here to read all about it. You can also download the free some sample from here, I suggest you do because it's great fun! If you want to you can pre-order it for £9.99 (plus £2.49 postage). It's already met its minimum 250 pre-orders so the book is going to be published, but you've got until Friday to get in on the act (after that you'll have to wait until it's actually published around April/May time). Pre-ordering the book gets you it 2 weeks before it gets published, and you get your name published in the book as a thank you for helping getting it to print. You never know, this really could be Britain's next bestseller and you could help make it happen.