Sunday, 28 December 2014

Blogging re-boot

Well I've been singularly useless at the whole blogging thing recently. When I see recently I mean like the last two months, since my last post was on 1st November. In my defence, I've had two of the busiest months ever for one reason or another, a lot of it to do with work. However I'm bang in the middle of two weeks off, so if I can't write a post now, I might as well give up permanently.

My last post (on 1st November believe it or not) was about a November writing challenge I set myself. Unfortunately I didn't achieve quite what I set out to, but the good news is that I did decidedly better than I did with blogging. I set myself the goal of four short stories during November. I actually wrote two, or three if you count the one I wrote at the end of October. Two were science fiction, one was a historical short story, set during the Christmas Truce of World War One, a hundred years ago this Christmas. That one was for a Daily Express short story competition. I didn't win, obviously, but it motivated me to write and finish in a short time scale, and actually edit and finish it, something I don't always manage. I might publish on here, or share the link, not decided yet though...

So what am I hoping to do with my Blog re-boot? Well it is coming up to New Year, and along with 'Being Less Busy' (which will give me more time to write) one of my resolutions is going to be to write more which includes my blog. Topics will probably vary, as is common with me but include my main areas of interest including books, science fiction, history, science, travel, knowledge & information generally, and also a bit of board gaming... I might do a bit of bookspotting too, as I do really enjoy that, but it is quite time consuming, researching all the books, writing and linking all of the posts etc.

I'm also not going to worry too much about really long or polished posts too, which should mean I post more, but also means I'm off for now. See you tomorrow probably. Byeeeee!