Sunday, 27 April 2014

Castle TV Series - really cool crime drama

I'm not usually big on long running TV crime series, but was stuck for something to watch the other day (waiting for our weekly fix of Game of Thrones and Nashville), and so decided to try out Castle. Interesting but slightly cheesy scenario - in the first episode there's a string of copycat killings, with the modus operandi the same as those in crime novels by bestselling author Richard Castle. The detective on the case, Kate Beckett, brings Castle in to help her. They solve the crime, and the higher up powers that be in the police force decide that Castle is useful (and good for PR), so they team up on a regular basis - much to Castle's delight and Detective Beckett's dismay.

On the face of it, the storyline each episode is nothing earth shattering. What makes this series so good is the characters, Castle & Beckett and the interplay between them. Castle in particular is a great character, a witty, charming lovable rogue. Detective Beckett makes an excellent foil to his charm and there's something of a love hate relationship. A will they, won't they thread runs through the series too.

If that wasn't enough, there's a couple of other interesting things about Castle. Castle plays a bestselling crime novelist, and periodically has poker nights with actual real life bestselling crime writers including Michael Connelly and James Patterson. These scenes only last a minute or two but are slightly more than cameos, with the writers  discussing Castle's latest case.

In episode 1, Castle has just killed off his main character and during season 1 creates a new character for a series of novels. The main character is a female detective - Nikki Heat - and is based on Castle's crime writing partner Kate Beckett. This work in progress is mentioned regularly throughout series 1, but - and here's the kicker - if you go on Amazon there is a series of novels by 'Richard Castle' starring Nikki Heat. Now Castle is a fictional character so obviously he couldn't have written the books, but no one knows who is writing them. The only clue we have is that it is someone who has appeared on the show, and Michael Connelly has confirmed it isn't him. So there's a bit of added mystery to enjoy!

There are 10 episodes in season one, I'm on the last of them now, but so far there are 6 seasons and counting, all the rest of them with 20+ episodes. So lots more to enjoy!