Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Classic Science Fiction TV - Crime Traveller

Crime Traveller was a 1997 British science fiction crime drama produced by the BBC, and created & written by Anthony Horowitz, prolific novelist and tv writer (most famous for his Alex Rider children's books and for creating the hit historical drama Foyles War).

Crime Traveller starred Michael French as police detective Jeff Slade, and Chloe Annett as a Holly Turner, a police scientist. Slade discovers that Holly has a working time machine built by her late father, and the two team up to use it to solve crimes. The workings of the time machine were quite clever - it would send someone - Slade - back in time but for a random amount of time, it could be a day or two or it could just be a few minutes. Slade has to use whatever time he is randomly allotted to try and solve the crime at hand, but he must get back to the time machine before the present (i.e. the time he started out) or he gets caught in an infinity loop and is lost forever. This adds quite a bit of edge of the seat drama to each episode - will he get back in time? Though secretly know he always will.

I liked this show because it was a clever concept, and the stories were all rather good. I also liked the problems they had coming up with explanations as to how they solved the crime that didn't involve time travel, to satisfy their boss Grisham, excellently played by Sue Johnston, who starts to get a bit suspicious after a while.

Unfortunately despite getting over 8 million regular viewers, the show was cancelled after one season due to management changes at the BBC. It may seem a little dated now, but is still fun to watch, or re-watch if you were fortunate enough to catch it first time!

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