Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Breaking all the rules of blogging

Ask anyone who is anyone in the online world, and they'll tell you that to have a successful blog, you've got to pick a good niche and burrow down. People don't want a mash up blog of this, that & the other. Well I've started lots of blogs over the years, picking a niche related to whatever I'm most into at the time. And you know what? It never works. After a few posts it just sort of peters out. I'm just not that sort of person that sticks on one topic or interest forever. A lot of my interests are kind of related, and most appeal to the same sorts of people but its still going to be a bit of a hodge podge. This is what I'm expecting to write about:

SF & Fantasy
Board Gaming
Science & Tech
Misc other stuff

I wanted to have tabs across the top for each of these areas, with a 'misc' catchall. Unfortunately it appears blogger doesn't do that, at least not easily. So instead once I get going I'm going to have a tag cloud which will link to the different sorts of posts.

I'll also over time be using this blog to pull in other content I've written over the years on other blogs, article sites etc, so the best stuff at least is all in one place.

Am I going to get thousands of people reading? Nope? Am I going to have fun? I hope so!

Edit: Just discovered the 'import/export blog' function, so I've imported some of my recent blogs here. So there's a few posts up already.